Saturday, February 25, 2012

Polygon Power Project!

I just finished a project that goes along with my Geometry unit we will be working on this up coming week.  We read the story "The Greedy Triangle" by Marilyn Burns.  To review and explore different polygons we made real life objects that represent different polygons. Please Click the link below to purchase on my TPT website.  Thanks!!!

My students really enjoyed reading this book.  The triangle
changes into different shapes by adding sides until he can't
take it anymore and the triangle just wants to be itself.
My students did a great job at choosing things
that were made of many polygons.

Included in this packet is the project along with a Polygon
Concentration game. To purchase click the link below.

I will also be posting a Freebie to go along with this Geometry Unit!


sydney said...

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Amy said...

I love the Greedy Triangle!! Such a great book.

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