Saturday, December 29, 2012

Frosty The Snowman!!

I was quickly inspired this afternoon when it started to snow so I decided to use some snowmen for my kiddies to practice their multiplication. This is a file folder game used for fun and reinforcement once concepts are taught. Another Freebie.  Enjoy!


Happy New Year!

Its Been Tooooo Long!

I'm back!  Finally.  Its been a while since my last post but I've been so busy this year.  I've been so inspired by so many other bloggers and new products.  I finished all my holiday themed activities and we're starting a new unit on Communities.  I started working on my unit and just finished the vocabulary posters.  Being a special education teacher I always try to create vocabulary posters with pictures to help the children to make connections and remember the definitions.  You can click on the link below to download the vocabulary posters.  

Happy New Year !!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Division With 100 Chart Support!!

With the school year winding down we just recently finished our Division Unit!  My kiddies did a great job and learned so many strategies to help remember those division facts.  With my students having special needs I always look for creative ways to help them visualize and develop math strategies.  Last week we worked on divided by 6 and I used half dozen egg cartons to divide large numbers into equal groups.  The kids loved it.

Some of my kiddies also have difficulties counting from 1-100 and they sometimes get stuck.  So I decided to create these cool One Hundred chart cards for some support while counting up to 100.

Click Here to Download

Friday, May 11, 2012

Multiplication & Division Fact Family Fun!

Happy Friday!  I have another freebie today to practice multiplication and division fact families with your kiddies.  Enjoy!

Click here To Download Your Freebie!

Fact Family Fun!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Butterfly Research Report

I'm so excited to post this freebie!  My school just purchased a Butterfly  kit for the children to investigate and explore the life cycle of butterflies.  My kiddies were so excited about butterflies I figured before we got the kit going we would do some research to learn all about butterflies.  Click the link below to download my Butterfly Research Report resources.  Enjoy The Pics!
Click Here To Download!

Our Butterfly Kits!

Butterfly Research Paper: (I used scrapbook for butterfly cutouts).
Bulletin Board

Spelling Lists!

Hello.  Here are a few pictures of how I post and list my spelling words for the week.  I have two different spelling groups that were developed using the Words Their Way Spelling Assessment.  I have a small class of only 9 children so it worked out where I have two different spelling groups. Each group is colored coded. We use the same High Frequency spelling words. I print out the word on paper, cut them, and glue them on index cards.  Off course, I laminate them for use next year (if I'm still teaching the same grade which I HOPE!). Being a special education teacher we tend to move around depending on placements.  Here are some pics!  

Spelling Words For The Week

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


What an excellent time to review and complete some fun activities to reinforce concepts about the WATER CYCLE!!  I just recently completed a hands on Water Cycle Project!  that you can purchase in my TPT Store It was a good activity to have the kids do since we've had the New York State Math Test this week.  Check out their work!

The Water Cycle!

My Kiddies had so much fun with this activity!